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Using Only Organic Products in Your Spa

May 12, 2017
Using Only Organic Products in Your Spa

If you are running or thinking of opening a spa, you have probably not given much thought to the nature of products you will be using for the facial, hair and body treatment of your clients.

You are not alone in this, as there are many spa owners who cannot even tell the difference between an organic and a synthetic shampoo. However, did you know you could reap immense benefits from working with only-organic products in your salon or spa? The following are some of these benefits.

They Are Safe

Only-organic products such as shampoos are made with ingredients that are friendly towards our bodies.

This means that no matter how much of these ingredients we inhale or touch with our bare hands, there are no risks of contamination, hence no threats of respiratory infections, hair loss, cancer or other side effects associated with inorganic products.

This consequently means that at the end of the day, your health as well as that of your clients is guaranteed.  Here are some more reasons to use organic products.

They Conserve The Environment

There are campaigns left, right and center to keep the environment safe and protect it for the future. One of the most common ways through which the environment is destroyed is through the mindless disposals of inorganic compounds into the atmosphere.

When you dispose of your spa products, they are either washed away into the rivers or are diffused into the atmosphere where they readily combine with the atmospheric gases. In the case of inorganic compounds, the ones washed away by water further mix with other harmful compounds such as ammonia and contribute to the death of aquatic life while those we dispose of in the form of gases mix with other gases such as carbon dioxide and contribute towards the erosion of the O-zone layer, with catastrophic consequences in the end.

However, when you are working with organic compounds in your spa, you will never have to worry about any accidental spillages or even worry as to how you go about disposing of your used products as they are all geo-friendly.

They Have Lasting Effects

The term “organic’’ is closely associated with durability, and the case is no different with organic products sued in your spa. A facial or hair treatment, for example, done with an organic shampoo has long-lasting effects as opposed to that done with an inorganic compound.

This is because organic products are manufactured in a manner that they not readily react with substances such as water, sweat etc. This explains why a person who wears makeup done by all-organic products is likely to remain more beautiful for much longer than one who opts or makeup that comprises of inorganic products.

They Offer A Psychological Advantage When Drafting Your Pricing Plans

Last [and definitely not least], the use of organic compounds in your spa is an added advantage when setting the prices of your services. This is because clients have been made to believe that anything labeled as “natural’’ is indeed way too expensive and having you treat them with such products means they are naturally expected to pay more.

Whether there is some truth to this notion is neither here nor there, as your only concern is that these products will help you price your services to your advantage as well as win you more clients and retain those you already have.